How To Grow On Instagram in 2020 (Tips & Tricks)

In this post, I will describe some tips for how to grow on Instagram going into 2020. How to grow Instagram followers, How to grow Instagram page, How to increase Instagram followers organically, How to grow Instagram followers organically, etc.

Instagram has changed a lot over the last year. There are new things you have to watch out for and do in order to grow. We discuss the story view bots, follow-for-follow strategy, recent engagement drops. And also unveil a brand new hashtag strategy that helps to grow!

In this context, I want to go over some recent Instagram changes. Things you now need to avoid on Instagram and specific tips you can implement to actually grow on the platform going into this New Year of 2020.

Regarding some recent updates and changes in the Instagram algorithm. Also, some things that you should & shouldn’t do going into 2020 and going into growing on Instagram in 2020.

I want to go ahead and touch on a few key topics here. Such as but not limited to or stuff, does follow-for-follow still work. What’s the deal with story view bots that’s been a pretty hot topic lately. Then I want to get into recent engagement drops! and lastly, I wanted to talk about a completely new hashtag strategy.

I can almost guarantee that most people have not heard of it. I want to bring that to light. So that you guys can be some of the first people to actually utilize this brand new hashtag strategy.

Does Follow-For-Follow Still Work?

So let’s just dive right into this. Instagram has been really strict on their guidelines, which brings up the question of this follow for follow still work.

If you’re just starting out from zero followers. If you’re starting a page from complete scratch. There’s really nothing better that you can do to get your first couple hundred, couple thousand followers.

You can try paying for ads but that’s not really gonna convert well if you have absolutely zero followers, some people recommend that you actually go out and start liking people’s photos.

The thing with that is that you’re still taking a risk of getting action blocks since you can get action block for liking too many comments and you’re not getting much reward for the risk you’re taking since most people whose photos you like won’t actually follow you back.

Now you can still definitely get a temporary action block for following too many people too quickly but the risk to reward ratio there is a lot better since when you follow people they’re much more likely to pull you back over if you just like one of their posts they’re not gonna be very likely to follow you back.

Grow Instagram Followers

So if you’re starting a brand new page from absolute scratch again, I don’t see a better option than just getting your first couple of hundred, a couple of thousand followers by doing the follow-for-follow strategy.

So, in my opinion, you can still definitely use the strategy, but because the new Instagram is a lot more strict on their guidelines set of updates, you got to be a lot more intentional with the type of people you follow.

You also can’t follow people as quickly and you can’t use any automation services that kind of automate the following for you. Those used to work very well but at this point, Instagram is just too strict with their guidelines. You really do not want to be caught using any forms of automation services. It’s really not worth the risk. They’re cracking down on pretty much everybody who uses it which is actually a smooth segue into the next thing.

Story View Bots

If you haven’t heard of this recent phenomenon of story view bots, let me fill you in real quick. It’s basically a few different websites out there where you can pay them some money. Give them your Instagram account information, your account name, and password, and they’re gonna take your account & use a bot.

It’s actually viewed millions of stories per day from your account. Now as I’m sure all of you guys know Instagram tells people who viewed their stories. So when you a complete stranger view another stranger story. They’re gonna be scrolling through their Instagram story views and they might see your name and they’ll be like oh! who’s this brand new person that I haven’t seen before! they might click on your account and if they like your content they can follow you.

Now most people out there will definitely not follow you just because they saw you on their story views list. However, if you’re using a bot to view 5 million stories per day, I did the math here and have just point 0.005 percent of those people whose stories you view. That’s half of a percent if that many people follow you, your viewing 5 million stories that are 25,000 new followers every single day.

How To Grow Instagram

So, in theory, this sounds like a great idea and I was definitely intrigued by it when I first heard of it but I just had one small problem with it. It’s that you’re using a bot to view 5 million stories per day.

If Instagram doesn’t even like you using an app to track the people to unfollow you every single day, you best believe they’re not gonna vibe check with the fact that using a bot to spam 5 million people with your story view every single day.

I wanted to talk about it so that, firstly you wouldn’t use this specific service. But secondly, that you wouldn’t use any automation services or BOTS or anything outside of Instagram, that requires you to put your account information in it going in 2020.

As you can see Instagram is really bout it. They’re taking action against accounts who are using these services. So we gotta learn from other people’s mistakes here and not use any automation services whatsoever going into 2020.

Engagement drop

Moving on to the next thing. I want to talk about is that a lot of people seem to have been experiencing some engagement drops recently. This basically means that they’re not getting as many followers, as many likes, their posts aren’t performing as well on Instagram.

From my personal experience, after running Instagram theme pages for years. What I’ve noticed is that, Instagram engagement kind of comes in waves and there’s actually ways you can take advantage of that.

What I basically notice is that, if I were to graph my Instagram engagement on a chart, it’ll basically kind of look like a wave pattern. I’ll have months where I’m getting a ton of exposure. I’m getting at some new followers, my posts are exploding. But then that slowly declines to a low point where I’m not getting much traction at all. And then that slowly builds back up to a point where I’m getting a ton of exposure and that just kind of it cycles around.

I’ll basically have months where I’m putting things up and they’re getting a hundred thousand likes, 200 thousand likes. Blender slowly declines to like 20,000 likes 30,000 likes and recently that recent engagement drop that dropped all the way to 6,000 likes.

Grow Instagram

Now at the slow point, the content did not change at all. It’s all the same stuff I’m posting the same type of content. The city-level quality of content, except that, is just the way that Instagram algorithm works. And this can really mess with your mind especially if you’re making original content.

You’re not a theme page, you’re probably gonna feel like it’s your fault that you’re not getting the good engagement. It’s the content you creating but a lot of the time that’s actually not the case. Because as I keep posting, that engagement slowly builds back up to 20 thousand, 40 thousand, 60 thousand likes. And now I’m again back up to getting over 100,000 likes on some of the posts.

Now there are basically two key takeaways you can get from this:

  • First of all, when your engagement drops and you’re at a low point you can’t be stressed. You just got to keep on posting.
  • Two, when you notice you’re at a high point and all the post your posting. You’re getting good engagement, you’re getting a good exposure. That’s when you gotta focus and dial in on your content. And make sure that’s when you’re producing your absolute best content.

That’s basically the time when you’re up to bat. It’s your time to shine you got to be posting out bangers when you’re at that point. That way when your posts are getting shown some more people. If you’re posting your highest quality content at that point, more people are gonna be interested in it. You’re gonna gain more exposure and your posts will go even further.

  • Don’t stress when you’re at a low point, just keep posting and,
  • Make sure you’re working extra hard on your content when you’re at a high point.

New Hashtag Finesse Scheme

Now moving on to the final thing, which is this new hashtag strategy that I mentioned earlier. Let me just put you on onto this new wave of hashtags.

Currently, the most common practice is to have a list of hashtags in your Notes app. Whenever you post something new, you take those hashtags. Copy them and paste it & sort of comment right after you upload some new content.

Now as we’ve learned Instagram really isn’t the biggest fan of you using different strategies, growth hacking & tactics. To go ahead and gain an edge which is what you’re kind of doing when you have a full list of hashtags as a comment when you post.

Instagram currently is not taking action on anybody who uses a list of hashtags. Because that would be taking action against everybody on the platform. But there is a new and better way to do it to kind of finesse Instagram if you will & that is to take your hashtag list.

So, for example, I have some Fitness hashtags that might be what you posted if you’re running a fitness theme page. Then turn that into a paragraph and add some words in between those hashtags so you turn it into sentences.

Example :

One of my biggest passions is #Fitness I’m really trying to get #instafit and #getfit. I hope my journey serves ad #Fitspiration. I guess you can call me a #Fitnessaddict.

You guys get the point and now you would take that paragraph to post it as a comment instead of that hashtag list I used to use previously.

A quick disclaimer before I explain the science behind this. You might want to include something in the paragraph that explains why you’re doing it. Else you might kind of seem like a psychopath to your followers.

Especially if you’re running personal brand pages out kind of soil your personal brand so you want to add an explanation in there. I mean even if you’re on theme page better to add an explanation in there.

But the reason you might want to try this is that Instagram never intended for people to abuse their hashtag feature. They never intended for people to do huge paragraphs of just hashtags and whatnot, that’s how their purpose with hashtags.

So when you incorporate them into a paragraph. You’re kind of playing by Instagram’s rules and you’re being organic which can actually benefit your account.

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Instagram would much rather promote a post of somebody that’s genuinely using hashtags, over somebody that’s completely spamming them. So when you organize your hashtags into a nice paragraph, you’re kind of getting the benefits of spamming hashtags without actually spamming them.

There’s something I would definitely recommend you guys try out on your accounts. It’s not guaranteed to explode every single one of your posts. But it definitely can help and it doesn’t hurt to try it.

So those are my Instagram growth tips going into 2020. I really tried my best to introduce some actual new updates and new tips.

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